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It is quite difficult to gain the trust of a stray dog that continuously avoids humans. But, developing this trust is quite easy when another dog is around. A trained canine can act as a mediator to establish the rescuers’ credibility with the stray.

Jennifer, a dog rescuer, has recently rescued many puppies. After rescuing them, she questioned whether their mother was still alive. This drove her to often return to the place where she discovered the puppies in search of the mother dog.

On occasion, Jennifer would bring her senior dog to assist in the search for the mother dog. She eventually located the stray dog with the assistance of her other pet. Nevertheless, Jennifer was unable to approach the stray dog because it seemed fearful. Jennifer had to enlist the aid of a second rescuer to set a trap for the mother dog, which they eventually managed to capture.

Winter was the name given to the mother dog while she was in Jennifer’s care. Regrettably, she was unable to reunite with her puppies because they had been adopted prior to her rescue. Instead, Jennifer made sure to go on a video call with the puppies’ owner to show Winter how they were doing.

Winter learned to interact with Jennifer’s other pets over time. Although the dog was initially hesitant, she eventually learned to be comfortable around them. Jennifer’s cats loved cuddling beside Winter because she never reacted aggressively.

Jennifer contemplated whether to adopt Winter for good. However, she decided against doing that because she didn’t have a backyard. Jennifer knows that Winter needs a place where she can run around and release her energy.

Eventually, the rescuer found a good home for Winter. The new owners had a large backyard and multiple dogs that could play with Winter. They were good people who showed nothing but kindness towards dogs. That concluded Jennifer’s foster parenting duty with great satisfaction.

Source: The Dodo


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