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When Dr. Michael White, Harris Animal Shelter’s director, discovered that a pregnant Labrador was chained to a shelter fence, he didn’t hesitate to rescue the poor dog. He only found out that the dog needed help through the morning news. He caught sight of the dog through a reporter who was standing outside the gate of his shelter.

Janelle Bludau, a reporter of KHOU 11, told the viewers and audience that she would never leave the dog until someone opened the shelter. Despite the dog’s situation, she seemed to be cheerful. The dog kept on wagging her tail as the news team approached her. The dog must have been aware that help was on the way.

Luckily, the people who cared for her didn’t allow her to remain chained. These caring people wanted to make sure she was safe and okay. The news crew didn’t have any idea how much help the dog needed. Bludau and Dr. White were in for a big surprise.

When Dr. White arrived at the shelter, he immediately examined the abandoned dog. He realized that the dog was pregnant, and she had a large litter. She had a round belly, and Dr. White knew that her puppies would come out soon. He wanted to make sure that the dog would have a safe delivery, so he decided to take the pregnant dog with him.

She was under Dr. White’s careful watch. A few days after Dr. White took the dog home, she showed signs of contractions. It was an indication that she was about to give birth. Dr. White and his wife stayed up until the dog delivered the puppies. She gave birth to 11 healthy puppies.

Dr. White named the dog after news reporter, Janelle. The puppies will be under their mom’s care until they’re weaned and ready for adoption.

Video Source: KHOU 11 via YouTube


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