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Sometimes a bad day could be the start of something new. This is what happened to these two dogs named Thor and Petunia, who developed an excellent friendship. The friendship of the two dogs blossomed after they got hit by a car on the same day in two separate places.

Thor, a German Shepherd, got struck by a fast car, leaving him with two broken legs. After he got treated at a veterinary clinic, Thor was brought to a shelter. The shelter, however, had to transfer the pooch to other accommodations because they could not provide for the dog. The reason for this is that Thor incurred extensive injuries, which the shelter is unfamiliar to treat.

The German Shepherd was brought to the Animals Benefit Club (ABC) in Phoenix. The shelter gladly took the dog and promised they would finance for Thor’s needs. At the new animal shelter, Thor met Petunia.

Just like Thor, Petunia also experienced the same fate on the same day. The pooch was immediately brought to ABC for her wounds to be treated. While the injuries were not as severe as Thor’s, the animal shelter still took care of the pooch.

When Thor and Petunia met for the first time, there was an instant connection between the two dogs. It was Thor who took the first step to get to know Petunia better. They were seen snuggling despite their injury, and the rest, as they say, is history.

After the two dogs fully recovered, they stayed at the animal shelter as they wait for adoption. At the animal shelter, the two dogs did most of their activities together. Thor and Petunia would often play, sleep, and eat together like a real couple. It is a beautiful friendship that even the volunteers of the shelter appreciate. The volunteers said that they have not seen this kind of friendship blossomed amid a tragedy.

Dogs develop bond after being hit by cars on the same day

These two dogs became best friends as they recovered after they were hit by cars on the same day

Posted by 12 News on Sunday, October 2, 2016

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