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The best things in life have a hefty price. Aiden Heath sure knows this as the kid saved up money for something he would have. The eight-year-old boy badly wants a service dog. This is the reason why the young boy saved up every money he had to acquire a service dog.

When he was younger, Aiden got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It was unfortunate news, but Aiden’s family had no other choice but to accept the fate. The young boy’s condition can still be improved, so Aiden’s family got their hopes up.

Aiden’s mother, Jenni, learned that service dogs could detect whenever someone’s blood sugar is shooting up or not. With this, Jenni thought of providing her son a service dog. Jenni, though, got disheartened when she learned the price of hiring a service dog. Approximately, Jenni and her family need to shell out around $15,000 to acquire a service dog, and this is a hefty amount.

Jenni knows how much her son wants to have a dog. This is the reason why Jenni briefed her son about the cost of hiring a service dog. At a young age, Aiden already knows how to understand things. Her mother promised that she would save up money for the service dog. Aiden, meanwhile, also vowed that he would help in saving money for the swift acquiring of the service dog.

In just a few months, Aiden was able to cull around $6,000, but his family knew it is still a long way. But when Aiden’s story got published, many people started to send out money for the young boy. In no time, Aiden received the needed amount for a service pooch.

Aiden personally chose the service dog he wants. The young boy picked Angel, a chocolate Labrador who received his training in Nevada. When Aiden first met Angel, it was a dream come true of the young boy, so he tightly hugged the pooch.

Credits to ABC News.


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