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A man and his mother were working in an apple orchard when suddenly, a stray dog appeared. The man took an immediate liking to the animal and named her Gwangseok. He even put up a makeshift home for her on the farm. He would also frequently feed her.

His mother, on the other hand, was becoming frustrated with the dog since she enjoyed digging throughout the orchard. She dug close to a tree’s roots, forcing it to lean to one side. She seemed like a hindrance to the woman’s work.

When the reflective films were set out on the ground of the orchard, the dog thought that it was her new playground. She joyfully ran across the film, rolled on it, and bit a portion of it.

The mom even became more irritated as her son spent more time playing with the dog than working in the orchard.

The man was enjoying himself with Gwangsook. He could tell that the dog reciprocated his affections. However, After five months of interaction, she did not want to be touched ever again. She would avoid the man’s attempts at petting her.

The man and her mother decided to contact animal behaviorist Chan Jong for advice. He saw them in the orchard and how Gwangsook would avoid the man’s effort to touch her. Chan Jong noted that the dog was not accustomed to human contact because she had always lived in the wild. He encouraged the man to use games to make Gwangsook feel comfortable with him.

They built a big perimeter around the orchard to give them room to run and play. While playing catch with Gwangsook, the man would immediately touch her. They continued playing the game until he became exhausted and sat down.

Then Gwangsook started to connect with the man. While she was still nearby, the man extended his hand to scratch her. This time she did not attempt to flee, indicating that she enjoyed it. The man was able to wrap his arm around her and pet her while doing so.

The woman was unprepared for Gwangseok’s transformation. She was nevertheless pleased that they could pet and hold her. They could finally bring her home to live with them in comfort.

Source: Kritter Klub


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