When rescuers of DAR Animal Rescue learned that a dog, now named Souzi, needed help, they wasted no time. They rushed to meet the dog and they were astonished when they saw her. She wasn’t alone, because she gave birth to four puppies a few days back.

The momma dog lived inside someone else’s yard. She was lucky the person who owned the property didn’t shoo her and her puppies away once she gave birth. It was the safest place available for them, but it wasn’t something they could call their home.

No one knew how, but Souzi had a badly injured leg. Some people assumed she hurt herself when she went out to the streets to find food. Others believed someone intentionally caused her harm.

How Souzi got hurt didn’t matter. What was important was for her to receive the medical care she badly needed. So, the rescuers took her and her puppies straight to the vet’s office.

The X-ray results revealed that Souzi had a fractured bone. She had bone fragments in her leg and it was crucial that she undergo treatment right away. She was in agony but she didn’t mind her own discomfort because she was busy making sure her babies were safe.

To keep the momma dog from stressing out more, the rescuers kept the puppies within her reach. They made sure that while the vets treated her wound, her babies were just a few inches away from her. They assured her that no harm would come to her little ones under their watch.

The puppies were incredibly small and young at the time of their rescue. They haven’t even opened their eyes. Within several days, however, they grew in size, and they started to see and explore their surroundings.

Souzi is feeling much better. She and her puppies will remain at the clinic until her wound heals. After that, they will join their rescuers at the shelter, where they will stay until they find their forever homes.

Credits: DAR Animal Rescue


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