Who doesn’t love magic with all the amazing tricks and twists that they come with. Even dogs are amazed at how they work as seen in this video below. Agree to disagree, but dogs may even have better reactions to magic tricks than we do. Watch them and you will really have a hard time controlling yourself from laughing.

Dog reactions to magic tricks are gold

If you want to have a totally great time, watch this video of dog owners performing their magic tricks in front of their dogs and see how these furballs react. Surely, you will struggle controlling your laughter because their reactions are really hilarious. And if you are curious how your own dog would react to these tricks, you might try to learn some of these fun tricks and perform in front of your own dog. Don’t forget to share if and when you do so.

Dogs are witty but can still be amazed by the simplest magic trick

Watching the video will lead you to one conclusion: however intelligent dogs are, they are easily amazed by magic tricks. And it gets better with their hilarious reactions! Just look at their facial reaction after each trick and you will be laughing so hard. At times, you can’t decide if they are in awe or they are confused about the things that are happening just right before their eyes. Whichever that is, you still can’t help but laugh heartily.

As you have also seen in the video above, dogs just have this kind of innocence in them that makes them easy to amaze with the simplest things that people can make like for example in magic tricks. The way that they react to every trick is just so honest and usually funny to see. Watching that just really brings so much happiness.

Wow Animals via Youtube


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