For many of us, nap times are sacred. That’s why whoever interrupts those sacred times had better have a good and acceptable reason to do so. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be too forgiving.

That sentiment is shared by these two dogs. One is a Golden Retriever named Zazu, while the other one’s a German Shorthaired Pointer named Walle.

These two dogs are kind and loving, but when their nap time was cut short, they reacted differently. Zazu was annoyed, but he just got up and walked away calmly.

Walle, on the other hand, wasn’t too happy. His facial expression couldn’t get more comical when the vacuum got too close for comfort. The Pointer actually thought it bit him.

The grumpy pet quickly stood up and went on defense mode. He didn’t like the robotic thing’s sound, and he certainly didn’t like getting nipped by surprise. Walle gave the vacuum an intense look.

If only these dogs knew that this was all because of mom’s doing. It’s called a prank, doggos, and this is usually done when the prankster knows precisely how you’d react. Ask mom, she’ll confirm.

While Zazu and Walle’s reactions are perfectly understandable. No one likes their rest to be disturbed, and this robotic cleaner’s lucky it didn’t get torn to pieces. Good job there, boys!

You made your momma proud, and you also made our day better. It’s always a mood-lifter to see our furry pals respond to situations in that signature genuine behavior.

Although we could tell you guys didn’t like that cleaner one bit, we appreciate that you guys didn’t go all crazy with it. That just shows how much sense you guys have in that noggin.

May your nap times never be interrupted by anything in the future. Here’s to heart-thumping adventures and sweet slumbers, pet!

Credits to Zazu Talks via YouTube


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