A black cat was found abandoned in a plastic bag and cooler outside an animal rescue facility in Fountain Hills, Arizona. The cat, Juliane, was discovered by a woman and her dog named Koda, who was walking when Koda pulled his owner towards a zipped-up red cooler. The woman decided to check what was inside and found the black cat.

It was hot inside the container, standing outside the facility against the Arizona heat. Fearless Kitty Rescue, the organization that runs the facility, decided to take the cat in and call her Juliane. The organization’s spokesperson noted that the name comes from the Danish culture, which means ‘fearless.’ The cat may require amputation due to a mass on her tail, but she is doing well after being rescued.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office investigated the case, but how and why Juliane was stuffed inside the compartment remained a mystery. This is the organization’s third abandonment case that year, and the spokesperson expressed her exasperation for people who abandon animals like Juliane.

Despite the harrowing details that led to the rescue of Juliane, it is a relief that Koda came to her aid just in time!

Source: Fearless Kitty Rescue / Facebook


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