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If you are actually looking for a loyal and trainable dog for work, adventure, or sports, the Australian Shepherd is a good choice. Such dogs are also called Aussies, are medium-sized, and full of stamina. That is why they need to have physical and mental fitness activities.

Aussies are naturally outgoing, and they enjoy fun activities and adventures – just like this fun-loving Australian Shepherd named Secret.

Secret is an intelligent, well-trained 5-year-old Aussie, who would never wants to miss any adventure. She can even paint and play Jenga. Her fur mom Mary definitely trained her well. This dog also loves taking baths.

Most of the time, Mary and Secret are do things together. They even practice yoga together. They cherish the moments they spend with each other.

Secret is so fond of learning, exploring, and discovering things. Adventures excite her so much and sledding is one of her best experiences. It became a hobby for her because it delights her every time.

There was a time when Secret carried the sled with her mouth as she went up a snow-covered hill. She was very enthusiastic as she did that. And when she reached the top of the hill, she placed her sled on the ground, and went on board. Cheerfully, she moved the sled forward and slid downhill.

Upon reaching the bottom, she picked up her sled and she went back on top to slide down once again. Secret always has a good time going down and up the hill over and over again. She is definitely a pro when it comes to balancing herself on the sled.

Mary caught Secret’s sledding skills on video. Secret was alone sledding that time. Mary knew that even if Secret was alone, she will always be safe because she got skills and she knows how to do it properly. Mary was surprised and impressed when she saw Secret’s smooth moves going down the hill.

The video of Secret went viral when Mary uploaded it on her Instagram account. People were delighted by her sledding skills and the video reached thousands of viewers.

Secret inspired many people to enjoy the outdoors and try something that will excite them. She simply shows everyone that even dogs like her should not fear going on adventures.

Source: The Dodo


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