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It melts our hearts to hear stories of kindness and care for the helpless and needy. But it is definitely even more heartwarming to know that there are dogs capable of nurturing other creatures in demand of special attention.

There is such an affectionate dog who cares for little bunnies as if they were his babies. And those little bunnies must have felt the warmth and presence of their loving mommy from the dog.

This loving dog is a golden retriever named Bailey and he got the attention of many YouTube users. The dog’s videos, uploaded on his YouTube channel which started back in 2018, reached 81 million views already. He is a dog celebrity, because he is so loving and selfless.

Bailey first met his siblings in early 2020, and it must be one of the best times he could ever imagine. His siblings were Sam and Charlotte, who are both rabbits.

The pup and the rabbits developed a strong relationship despite their differences. Bailey would sleep on Sam and Charlotte as if resting comfortably on cushions. Both rabbits never had any complaints, and they even love it too.

Bailey’s pet owner, Tara, said that the rabbits were rescued and taken from private homes. Thank goodness the poor rabbits were saved and were able to meet Bailey.

The siblings’ bond became even stronger when Charlotte gave birth to cute and adorable little bunnies. Bailey never left her side to support her since that day, and he also started looking after the baby bunnies since then. They are now growing as a family.

There is a video with more than 4.3 million views showing Bailey’s reaction after seeing the newborn bunnies. It went viral probably because of Bailey’s amusing look during his first encounter with the cute bunnies going around on his bed.

Though puzzled at first, Bailey was able to cope with his excitement, and ease off at the sight of the little bunnies.

Since the birth of the bunnies, Bailey looks after the babies and attends to their needs. That started the unbreakable connection they developed as a family.

The little bunnies became so attached to Bailey, without even wondering how a male dog can do the job of a mother. Nonetheless, the bunnies treat him like their mother.

Tara was not surprised at how Bailey and the bunnies get along so well. Bailey has a good heart, he is caring and protective of the little ones.

Source: This Is Bailey


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