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Luna, a corgi, is not really scared of other dog and she can even be quite bossy. Matt, her dad, said that Luna is the epitome of what a corgi is – a big attitude despite being in a small package. He also said that his dog loves bossing over the dogs she meets when they go to the park.

One day, Matt was really surprised when he saw Luna freaking out. This was when she met a bigger version of her.

This happened when Luna and Matt went to visit a friend. While they were there, they both saw a topiary in their friend’s neighbor’s yard. Matt said that the topiary was quite funny to him because it came shaped like a corgi.

He wanted to have a photo of the topiary with Luna standing beside it so he took his dog over. But it does seem like Luna was definitely not in the mood for a photo with the topiary that looked just like her.

Luna definitely looked scared because the topiary was really big. With her expressive face, Matt knew right away that his dog was really confused about what she was seeing. This made him realize that Luna may be bossy with other dogs but she is just not a fan of green plants that look like her.

Despite Luna’s reaction to the topiary, Matt was still successfully able to take a photo. He shared this right on his Twitter account with a caption saying that the owners of the topiary may be a fan of Luna. That photo went viral with a lot of people liking it and sharing it.

Luna and Matt had been living together for around eight years already. Matt totally appreciates his pet and makes sure that she gets everything that she needs. He also does his best not to go by the topiary anymore to make sure that Luna does not freak out anymore.

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