According to the Falmouth Fire-EMS Facebook page, firefighters and Falmouth police officers worked together to free Fable, a golden retriever, from an ice-filled plastic drainage pipe. The dog’s owner said that Fable made a bad decision when she tried to take a shortcut through a frozen culvert and became stuck in it.

On the day of the rescue in Falmouth, it was 10 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and Fable’s owner could only pray for her dog’s safety.

Thankfully, after working for more than an hour, the rescue workers were able to save Fable. The dog wasn’t hurt and thanked her rescuers by licking them on the face. Pet owners should always be careful and mindful of their pets’ whereabouts and needs.

They should not just leave their pets to roam around the house or yard unattended. However, if your dog gets into an accident, try to learn from that experience and not make the same mistake twice. Pet owners should always take good care of their pets for the sake of their health and safety.

No pet owner would really ever want to see their beloved pet in danger. They’re always concerned about the safety of their pets, and they get very worried when their pets go missing. Pets can get lost or missing at any time and in any place.

Most of the time, they get lost while they are outdoors, away from their owners. This mostly happens when they go outside to play, while answering nature’s call, or even while they are out for a walk with their owners. As a pet owner, it’s natural to worry when we think about our pets getting lost or trapped somewhere.

However, by taking some simple precautions, your worry will surely decrease. Pet owners should always be careful and mindful of their pets’ whereabouts and needs. It’s safer to keep your dog leashed whenever you walk outside.

You can watch the full video here.

Credit: NEWS CENTER Maine


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