The Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS), a non-profit organization, stepped in when a house in Alabama that housed more than 100 dogs turned out to be unfit for the animals. The house was not clean, and the owners of those dogs are now in jail.

GBHS Marketing Director Stephanie Salvago said that the sheriff’s department and Humane Society of Walker County, Alabama, turned to them for help because they have a large animal hospital and a team trained to tend to injured animals.

They helped assess their health and compiled records that would be useful for the investigation and trial. GBHS also reachedĀ out to partners across the country, like the BISSELL Pet Foundation, the Animal Rescue Corps, and Greater Good, to ask for additional help. Allison Black Cornelius, CEO of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, said that their goal is to find permanent homes for the dogs.

She also thanked their partners for helping to get the poor creatures into shelters. The BISSELLĀ Pet Foundation provides emergency relief aid by transferring some of the rescued dogs to other shelters that have space and the specialized vet services that they need to recover. Vets and volunteers at the shelter gave the dogs vaccines, heartworm, flea and worm medication, and special grooming treatments.

They weighed them and examined them for any physical signs of illness or injury. They bathed the dogs to rid them of parasites. They also worked on socializing them with people and other animals and fed them food that would help them regain healthy body weight.

Unfortunately, there are still people who abuse dogs through hoarding. A hoarder is someone who keeps a lot of animals in his or her home but doesn’t give them the care they need. These animals never get the chance to be in a normal situation and learn how to interact with other dogs.

Credit: Greater Birmingham Humane Society


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