This is just a disclaimer: These are the kind of dogs that will have you sued in a minute. There’s nothing wrong with inclining risky behaviors, but these are the kinds of dogs that call for extra caution.
These dog breeds are very powerful. But in case they bite you, be prepared for some problems. Also, this is different from the apartment type. According to an incident in San Francisco, a couple of these Presa Canarios killed a neighbor.
So, we’re now going to have a look at these breeds, which are ideal for folks who lead a lonely life.

Caucasian Shepherd

This type has a heavy coat and the appearance of a rugged bear. It can come in various sizes, but it is extensive. The weight of the male versions starts at 110 pounds and can exceed that.
They’re very significant at guard. Although these dogs are great at guarding and protecting, they lack consciousness and cannot understand their owner’s commands. They are known to be territorial and can be aggressive. They are ideal for areas with livestock, and dogs are required to protect them from wolves and bears. Additionally, they are great at protecting properties.

Neapolitan Mastiff

This one here has a growl that can be pretty scary. Due to its size, it has been bred and trained to function as a guard dog. The male often reaches 150 pounds, and these dogs have fierce appearances.
This breed is a common choice for families seeking a reliable guard dog. Neapolitan Mastiffs are known for their protectiveness and may not be welcoming to strangers on their territory. Even if a Neapolitan Mastiff is trained to interact with others, it may still exhibit aggression toward those trying to enter its guarding area.

Cane Corso

This breed is a bit smaller than the Neapolitan Mastiff, which is a cousin. However, it is much more athletic and quite strong. Humans used it to watch over cattle and hunt wild boar.
This breed of dog can live independently, but it is important to socialize with and train them properly from an early age. They perform best when they have a task but can get sidetracked easily. Although it is a relatively new breed and has not yet been banned, it was first introduced to the US in 1987.

Presa Canario

This breed is a smaller version of all the other breeds that can live with little dogs or people around. However, you can describe it as just like a Pit Bull, only on steroids. It’s very athletic and can move around like a cat would.
The males can weigh a lot and reach around 160 pounds. They were bred to be shepherds but cannot fulfill their duty if they become too big.

Fila Brasileiro

This is an excellent deterrent for salespeople who come knocking at doors. It’s large, with a stocky build and a big head. It is also quite appreciative of solitude.
This breed thrives well in households with many visitors. It needs to be well-socialized, but even that is no guarantee. Breed-specific legislation, which is in place in the UK and some other countries, has affected this breed. You cannot have this dog as a guard for your home or property if you live in those areas covered by the policy.

As a word of caution, remember that a handler who is relatively new to his craft should not handle these dogs. If you like living alone or have no choice but to live alone, these dogs will keep people off the property.


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