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This dog named Meli is a rescue pooch who now lives with his rescuers in Athens, Greece. Before she arrived at her new home, the dog scavenged food on the streets to survive. She also experienced the ruthlessness of some people, which left her heartbroken. Due to the cruelty of some people, Meli found it hard to trust humans. Not until her rescuers showed her compassion and love.

Fay and Dionisius, a couple who both love animals, took pity on the dog and decided to take her for good. According to Fay, whenever they stroll in the park, they would often see the pooch wandering and scavenging for food. The couple would go near the pooch and give her food and water.

Meli, though, seemed aloof to people. This is understandable, according to Fay, because of the dog’s experiences. When the couple finally got the trust of the pooch, they decided to give Meli a new home. Meli arrived at their home and was clueless about what was happening. While the dog seemed distant at first, the pooch learned to trust again.

It was not an easy task, though, because it took some time for Fay and Dionisius to get the dog’s trust. Good thing, there is still a space in the dog’s heart to trust people again. The couple fed and gave the dog a new home she deserves.

Meli sure knows how to return the kindness shown by her new home. Since both Fay and Dionisius are animal-friendly, the couple would often go out and feed stray animals, especially cats and dogs. Meli, for his part, took the initiative to be part of this advocacy. The dog helps the couple in feeding the strays as a way of showing her gratitude to the couple. The couple said they enjoy the dog’s company because Meli is sweet and helpful.

Credits to The Orphan Pet.


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