While many dogs enjoy a lovely home, millions are still left with no home of their own. Fortunately, there are still plenty of kindhearted people out there.

This young dog found on the streets with a sign hung around his neck will tell you that kind people still exist.

The sign said that the little one needs a home, and fortunately, an empathic stranger took the male puppy in. We’re just curious why the puppy wasn’t dropped off at an animal shelter, but we’re glad that he was found and is well taken care of now.

Dogs have been domesticated for centuries and were originally bred for hunting or protection. They became popular pets and in fact, according to the American Kennel Club, 63% of households in the United States would have at least one dog.

With the increase in popularity of dogs as pets came the rise of animal shelters. Animal shelters are places where homeless, abandoned, or abused animals can go to find refuge.

There are still millions of homeless dogs around the world, but dog adoption awareness is slowly gaining traction. We look forward to a world where not one dog is abandoned, where human kindness and empathy prevail.

Adopting dogs from shelters continues to become a trend, and we sure hope it holds. Hopefully one day, there will be no more homeless dogs on the streets and every dog will have a loving home to call its own.

Let’s work together to make sure that not one dog is ever abandoned again. Mad props to the kind stranger who quickly took this little puppy in and gave him food, lots of body rubs, and love.

Mad props to humans who care enough about strays, like this pup’s adoptive dad. This dog will be his loyal companion for life, that’s for sure!

Credits to Save Animals via YouTube


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