I know that my readers love their dogs, and I also know that they love reading heartwarming stories involving those furry friends of theirs. So today, I am sharing this story about a Golden Retriever named Todd who just wanted to ride around the neighborhood with his dad.

Todd is a Golden Retriever who lives with his human parents in a quiet residential neighborhood. He loves going for rides in the golf cart that his owners drive around in, but he always wants his real dad, Tucker, to join him. Unfortunately for Todd, Tucker can’t always keep up with his energy.

Unknown to Todd, Tucker was just at the clubhouse waiting for him. After going for a joyride, the young dog was pleased to see his dad waiting for him. Todd wagged his tail so hard that his whole body wiggled. The two dogs sniffed each other happily before they got their snacks.

Their parents prepared some refreshing cold drinks for them, as well as some lick pads. Tucker had pumpkin and yogurt, while Todd had a banana and peanut butter spread. Both Todd and Tucker lapped up their drinks and then licked away at their lick-pad treats until they were all gone.

They both looked content and happy as they sat there next to each other after finishing their snacks. This just demonstrates that even if our pets have great relationships with us, having a biological parent with them is still the holy grail of all relationships.

Dogs are such loyal creatures, and this story is just one example of that loyalty in action. If you have a pet dog of your own at home, go give them a big hug, go buy them some lick pads, and let them spend time with their parents. They deserve it and more!


Credits to Tucker Budzyn’s Fan Club via YouTube


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