Check out this video of a Staffy named Jed and his dad enjoying a fun day in their backyard. It’s not every day we see a dog and its master having so much fun bonding!

In the clip, we see Jed faithfully following his dad wherever he goes. The dog doesn’t like it when dad moves away from him, so he follows his dad with his eyes and then starts to playfully lunge at him.

It’s clear that Jed absolutely loves to play and that he’s very well cared for. We can’t help but smile at his silly antics!

Jed isn’t the only dog that loves to play. In fact, all dogs need some form of exercise in the form of play, whether it’s playing fetch, going for a walk, or running around in the backyard.

Exercise is essential for keeping dogs healthy and happy. A dog won’t ever say no to playing together, so have at it!

Jed the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is living proof that dogs do not require more than the basics. Give them love, time, food, and a spacious yard, and they’re all set. Add a little silly game of fetch, and they’ll be over the moon with joy and thankfulness.

We should be more aware and proactive in giving our dogs the time of day. It’s important to remember to give them the love and care they deserve. Please consider adopting from your local shelter – you’d be helping address a global crisis.

Adopt, don’t shop, and see how that simple act improves both your lives. Adopt a dog now!

Jed the Staffordshire Bull Terrier living his best life is a definite mood-lifter, and we pray it gave you new ideas about bonding with your dog. Play with them often and watch how it strengthens the bond between you and your dogs!

Credits to Jason via YouTube


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