A young German shepherd had to have her eyes removed. Fortunately, she has a special friend who always watches out for her.

A local shelter discovered the two dogs named Babs and Bart abandoned in a Texas parking lot. The people who discovered them contacted DFW Rescue Me, a Dallas-based animal rescue organization, for help.

Babs was discovered to have glaucoma, a condition that damaged the optic nerve that had gone untreated. When she arrived at DFW Rescue Me, it was too late to save her eyes.

According to Jim Wenger, a member of the organization, the dog’s eyes were painful and non-functional, so they were removed. While Babs has lost her vision, her best friend, Bart, acts as her seeing eye dog, making the two inseparable.

Laura Cherry, the two dogs’ foster mom, said that when Babs is at ease, they each do their own thing in their own areas. Bart stays close to her to protect her if she is uncomfortable in any given situation. He always watches her back.

For example, Cherry shared that she was playing with the two pups a few days ago when Babs took off with a ball in her mouth. She was running straight for the bird feeder, oblivious to the fact that it was right in front of her. Bart rushed through the door just in time. She would have definitely hit it otherwise.

The pair of dogs is now looking for a forever home together. Bart is protective of Babs due to their special bond, so there should be no other dogs in the house. Cherry described their ideal day as being brushed, going for a walk around the neighborhood, going to the coffee shop for Puppuccinos, or pup cappuccinos, and playing with tennis balls in the backyard.

Credit: DFW Rescue Me


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