There are countless times that we’ve seen these people become depressed with little problems they encounter in life. They feel as if their world has collapsed and nothing good can ever happen to them from that point on. Such negativity just contributes to their own demise. They need to find that silver lining to make them believe once more that it’s not the end of the world.

Inspiration can be found anywhere and from anyone. We can learn from people who are younger than us, and animals can even inspire us. Such is Molly’s effect to netizens all around the world. Those who are down on their luck, depressed, or facing a little problem that just drains the life out of them, can look at Molly and say to themselves, “everything will be alright.”

Molly, the dachshund, has lost control of her lower body since 2015. She was then fitted with a doggie-type wheelchair to help her get around. You know how dogs are lovers of life, Molly embraced her predicament. She struts around as if nothing terrible has happened to her. If only we could learn how to have the mindset that she has.

Dogs are usually, terrified of going to the veterinarian, not Molly. She rolls in and out the vet’s clinic without a care in the world. She loves life, and she is showing the world that there is no reason to be all gloomy and sad. She serves as an inspiration to everyone who is feeling depressed and those who are doubting their future because of an unfortunate incident.

She rolls around in her wheelchair in a fashionable manner, and her wheelchair isn’t the only property of hers that adds to her swagger. She also has a pink pinwheel that spins around every time she rolls all over the place. Her mom and dad also dress her up a lot that adds to her cute look. But for us, she’s more than just a cute pup, but an inspiration.

Credits: Molly.Sausageroll


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