A family from Wisconsin traveled to Michigan to visit the famous Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The park is popular for its many natural attractions and camping activities. Every member of their immediate family joined the trip, including their four-year-old pooch named Leo.

As soon as the family arrived at the lakeshore park, they immediately went for a hike. But while they were experiencing the mesmerizing beauty of the wilderness surrounding them, Leo got too excited and found himself in a dangerous situation.

Thankfully, a lot of kind people rushed to help the pup.

30-foot drop

The family was exploring a trail called Miners Castle when Leo began aggressively pulling at his leash. He was likely overstimulated by his environment and wanted to run around. After an exceptionally strong pull, his head slipped off his collar.

Leo bolted ahead of his family and then jumped over a nearby railing. The dog didn’t know that beyond the barrier was a cliff. Thankfully, he landed on a ledge after a 30-foot drop. He would have plunged to Lake Superior below.

The family screamed as soon as they saw what had happened. Park rangers heard the commotion, and they quickly responded.

To the rescue

A volunteer rescuer, experienced in rappeling down cliffs, was asked to help out. The park rangers helped him set up his gear, and he bravely went down to retrieve Leo. The limping dog was glad to see someone coming to get him. He barked and wagged his tail as the rescuer approached.

After spending some time gaining the dog’s trust, Leo and the rescuer were pulled back up to the awaiting family. The injured pooch was then rushed to a vet to get treated. Thankfully, he didn’t sustain life-threatening injuries.

According to the dog’s owners, they would get him a harness so the dog wouldn’t be able to slip away again.

Source: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore via Facebook


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