The main reason why dogs need to be microchipped is to get a higher chance of having them returned if they go missing or get stolen. If a vet or a shelter employee scans them, the owner’s contact details would show up. So it is essential to have the microchip updated regularly.

For one pitbull named Harley, his journey home took eight years, despite having an updated microchip. No one knows how this happened. Nobody probably bothered to check if he had one, or he somehow managed to avoid human contact for so long.

Nevertheless, he had the happy ending that he deserved.

Suddenly gone

Harley belonged to a Florida resident named Betsy Dehaan. She adopted him while he was still a pup, and they grew very close together. The loving lady adored her pooch, and would even proudly share photos of the dog with her friends and on social media.

Sadly, a few years after taking the pup home, Harley went missing. It happened when Betsy took her pet out of the house to let him do his business. The owner turned around for a few seconds and that’s all it took for her pet to run away. The dog rushed into the nearby woods and that was the last time Betsy saw him.

The heartbroken owner never stopped looking for her beloved pooch for the next several years. Even when she eventually moved to Missouri. She organized search parties and put up posters. She also got in touch with all the online dog groups she could find, but she had no success in getting him back.

1100 miles

Eight years after Harley went missing, Betsy received a call from a local Florida shelter. A kind woman found Harley and brought him to an animal hospital. There they finally scanned him for a microchip and found Betsy’s contact details.

The delighted dog owner wasted no time and drove from Missouri to Florida to get her long-lost pooch. And when Betsy finally saw her beloved pet, they shared a sweet and emotional reunion.

Harley was severely malnourished then, and Betsy felt sorry she wasn’t there for him all through the years. She vowed to shower the pup with love and get him back to good health.

Source: WUSA9 via Youtube


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