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Lek Lek once called the streets of Nuwara Eliya home. She had no family to care for her and had to rely only on herself to survive. She wanted to rewrite her life story because her life was not a happy one.

Lek Lek began to wag her tail at strangers she met on the streets. It was her technique so she would attract their attention and, hopefully, be adopted into a loving home. She would also look up anytime a person passed by so that they would also notice her. However, the people were too preoccupied to see the dog looking at them and waving her tail.

When Chailert and other rescuers from Elephant Nature Park spotted her, all her efforts had definitely paid off. At that time, the rescuers were on an elephant study expedition. They were only traveling through Nuwara Eliya when they encountered Lek Lek.

They were unaware that the dog had noticed them and had resolved to pursue them in an effort to convince them to adopt her. In the end, all she did to get their attention worked and they decided to bring her home with them.

The group’s driver, Thushara, volunteered to take care of Lek Lek. When they arrived at the motel where they were staying, he took a blanket and gave it to her and gave her a bath. In addition, he opened his luggage so she could sleep comfortably in it since it was warm.

Lek Lek was so appreciative to Thushara for providing her with a permanent home. She was pretty pleased with herself for persevering despite receiving numerous rejections.

Lek Lek was also grateful to Chailert and her other rescuers, in addition to Thushara. She was also able to personally thank them when they reconnected years after their initial meeting.

Source: elephantnews


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