The way to truly live is to continuously learn, and that’s what this little girl did for her dog. And it’s incredible to see a toddler giving lessons to a massive Newfoundland.

Sierra may just be a little girl, but she already knew the value of learning and how it definitely helps improve the quality of life.

She wanted what’s best for her pet, so on this day, she decided to give him hula hoop lessons.

You and I know that it’s next to impossible for a Newfoundland to have that hoop move around his waist.

Even so, the young girl proceeded to encourage and instructed her pet most adorably. In her eyes, her Newf could do everything he put his mind to.

The toddler was very generous with her encouragement and compliments.

Sierra calls her pet Boy. We bet these two have gone on so many adventures together, so that’s why they share this unique bond.

After all, no one would give hula hoop lessons unless both parties are pretty close. Boy merely observed and listened to his ward chatter. Sierra also modeled how to work the hula hoop right.

Toddler teacher

That’s the best kind of teaching because it involves motivation, encouragement, and modeling. This toddler will go places in life because, at her young age, she already knew how to transfer knowledge.

This Newfoundland will gain so much popularity if he learns how to do the hula hoop. Although all he did was step through and let the hoop pass through his entire body, we know he’ll be famous.

Sierra told him that he was a good boy, and with that kind of positive reinforcement, anything’s possible. Thanks for sharing this story on the internet. We need more feel-good clips like this.

Hoping to see more of your stories, Sierra and Boy!

Credits to Rumble Viral via YouTube


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