Michael and his husky, Sox, decided to turn their wild idea into a lifetime adventure by creating a bucket list for themselves.

A bucket list for two

For the last five years, Michael and Sox explored Hawaii daily, but now they are ready to take on their most incredible adventure yet by traveling through all 50 states. They crossed deserts, oceans, rivers, and canyons and became the most popular attraction wherever they went.

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Everyone wanted a picture with them, and Michael and Sox were always happy to oblige. When Michael stopped for a break, Sox wandered around, but as soon as he heard the sound of the motorcycle, he ran back and jumped into his seat.

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A few more to the end of the way

So far, Michael and Sox have traveled through 35 states, visited 26 national parks, and covered 75,000 miles of roads together. They are an incredible duo; we can’t wait to see what they will do next.

You can watch their fantastic journey in the video below.

Source The Dodo via Youtube


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