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Thanks to a bus driver, a family in Milwaukee received a unique Christmas surprise – the return of their two lost dogs.

Jamie Grabowski, a County Transit System driver, was on her way back to the garage at midnight when she saw the lost puppies and rescued them.

As shown on the CCTV footage from the bus, she called out to the two puppies and attempted to befriend them while welcoming them into the vehicle. She put the bus to a stop and exited to help a Doberman Pinscher and a Pitbull into the bus. Jamie then notified dispatchers that she needed to board the dogs in order to remove them from the dangerous road and bring them back home.

Jamie, who believed herself to be a dog whisperer, pondered how the canines would fare in the icy temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. She therefore engaged the dogs in recreational play to keep them warm while they awaited for the arrival of the authorities.

After a few moments, the authorities arrived and an officer loaded the dogs into his patrol cruiser and brought them to the Domestic Animal Control Commission facility in Milwaukee, where they phoned the dog’s family to let them know that their puppies had been recovered.

Stephanie Gomez, the dog’s owner, verified that the canines ran away after her mother let them outdoors. When she did so, the dogs took the opportunity to explore, and within seconds, they were nowhere to be seen.

The driver rescued the dogs from a distance of 2.5 miles away from their home, and the family was grateful for her kind gesture.

The dog’s family initially lost their Christmas spirit when their canines ran away, but thanks to the bus driver’s prompt response, they were able to celebrate Christmas to the fullest.

Jamie was grateful for the opportunity to help the dogs.

Source: RideMCTS


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