Siberian Huskies are adorable dogs coated with bushy hair. They need regular coat maintenance, and that’s how these three young dogs ended up in a grooming salon one day.

They didn’t like the loud noise emitted by blow driers, so they shook and whined for their owner. Fortunately for them, they were groomed by this wonderful lady who gave out treats, hugged them, and encouraged them to stay calm.

The first husky to experience the blow dryer had the most extreme reaction. He howled and whined throughout the entire process, clearly uncomfortable with the loud noise. However, after a few minutes of his groomer hugging him, he settled down.

The second husky was not as vocal, but she wasn’t thrilled with the blow-drying experience either. She shook and whined most of the time, calling out occasionally to see what was going on.

It wasn’t until she was done being groomed that she relaxed and seemed to be relieved that it was all over. She actually fell asleep at one point, completely unfazed by the noise of those blowers.

The third husky was surprisingly calm throughout the whole ordeal. It seems like he really enjoyed his first grooming experience, but when the blow dryer was switched on, he also felt terrified. Among the three puppies, the last one had the most mellow reaction.

Although it can be amusing to watch a dog’s reaction to the grooming salon for the first time, it’s important to remember that they are experiencing something new and may be scared or uncomfortable.

With a little patience and understanding, most dogs will come around and even enjoy the grooming process. These puppies are lucky to have had this lady groomer attend to them. Because of her, these little ones might just come back for future sessions!

Credits to Girl With The Dogs via YouTube


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