On November 13, 2020, a brave dog named Hero broke out of his home in Nebraska to seek help for his pals, who were trapped in a hoarding shelter. A neighbor spotted Hero escaping from his boarded-up window and called the local animal control service. Tonie Quinlin, a resident, went out with a leash to retrieve Hero and calmed him down with treats. A veterinarian later examined Hero and found that he had scars, wasted muscles, sunken eyes, and was emaciated.

Hero and five other dogs were from a hoarding situation. While the other dogs managed to find their homes, Hero was left waiting for his chance to get adopted. Director Deb Potter of the Erna R. Badstieber Paws and Claws Adoption Center reported that Hero was friendly but showed signs of regression and tended to be highly energetic and anxious, which made it difficult for them to place him in a permanent home.

Melissa Ripley and the Second Chance Pups decided to take action to help Hero. They placed him in a nine-week obedience training program that puts canines with incarcerated volunteer handlers from the Nebraska State Penitentiary. During the program, the inmates and a professional trainer teach the adoptable dogs basic training and socialization skills that give them a better chance of finding the right future family. The program has since adopted 349 dogs and got the participation of 220 inmates since its inception in 2004.

According to Ripley, while not all canines fit the rehabilitation program, they prioritize those needing more love and attention. She said some of them still need manners, making them more difficult to place than other dogs. Unfortunately, black dogs like Hero often get passed over at local shelters.

Thanks to Ripley’s efforts, Hero finally landed a new family. The program coordinator is good friends with Carrie Herrera, who was looking to adopt after losing her husband last fall. Herrera contacted Ripley and expressed her intent to take Hero home. The following weekend, they finally met. Herrera shared that Hero was a little skittish during their first meeting, but he was very loving.

Hero graduated from the Second Chance program last April, and Herrera was finally allowed to bring him home. He made an excellent addition to her family. A hero named Hero couldn’t have been more appropriate for this story. Happy tails, big guy! You deserve this second chance!

Source: Erna R Badstieber Paws and Claws Adoption Center / Facebook


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