At first glance, this featured video might seem like it has nothing to do with a four-legged canine at all, but stay a second longer and you’ll soon realize this video’s real star!

Baby girl Natalie looks adorable in her favorite pink overalls. And let’s not forget about her cute vest and beanie.

Natalie is determined to push the inner tube into the lane that she thinks is more fun. She tries to set it up as best as she can, ready to hop on it and slide down the snowy hill! But I bet you didn’t expect a surprise appearance from the family dog, did you? And wait until you see him steal the show from adorable baby Natalie.

The family dog, a yellow Labrador, must have felt that he is missing out on all the fun that the family is having, and so, he sets out to do a little fun himself. He rushes in and for a couple of short seconds, he successfully makes the family and us, the audience, laugh out loud with his silly antics. What a spectacularly hilarious sight! He is a real showman.

So are you curious as to what the dog has in store for us in this featured video? Well then stay awhile, sit back, and enjoy the show!

While baby Natalie is busy pushing the inner tube on the snow, her family could not help but capture the adorable moment on film. Something this priceless is most definitely worth capturing on film to be shared for generations. But keep your eyes peeled on the lower right corner of the video and you’ll end up in stitches.

Just when baby Natalie has the inner tube in the right place, the hilarious dog comes in. He slides across the camera for a couple of seconds, but long enough to make you giggle and wonder what he’s up to. He glides through the snow on his belly, sliding ahead of Natalie as he paddles through the snow with his front legs. What a sight for extremely sore eyes!

Watch the hilarious dog steal the show in the video below.

Source AFV via Rumble


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