When you have dogs, there’d be no shortage of hilarious drama. While they’re generally good-natured fellows, they’re not immune to days when they are feeling down.

Take this pug named Sweet Pea. She’s an affable dog, and she loves her parents with all her being. On this day though, she just couldn’t stomach mom’s requests for smoochies.

We’re not sure what got this furball in that sour state, but she wasn’t giving any kisses out. She’s just not in the mood, and mom didn’t seem to get it. To make it worse, mom was persistent with her requests.

Sweet Pea turned her head away from mom, but she continued with her kissy-face pleas. That annoyed this pug further, so the pet huffed and buried her nose on the couch.

Dad found this all hilarious, and he joined mom in asking for smoochies. Now, the pet felt like she was being made to look like the bad guy. Why can’t her parents just let her be, just this once?

The disgruntled pet turned her body and showed mom her back. That should be enough to let this hooman see that she wasn’t in the mood, right? Wrong.

Mom just persisted even more that Sweet Pea had to be downright disrespectful. She raised her paw to warn mom that she was serious about this whole no-smoochie thing.

Dad and mom just laughed, so the pet had to do a final act. Sweet Pea pushed her raised paw to her mom’s face, and that’s a firm no if we ever saw one. Mom finally got the idea.

Mom backed off a bit, but this pug stayed alert. She knew that her hooman has a knack for turning everything around. It’s best to be vigilant, you know?

You’re something else, Sweet Pea. You certainly let mom know you weren’t in the mood. We hope that whatever got you in such a state got addressed. That way you’d be able to give mom her smoochies!

Credits to Judi England via YouTube


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