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Accidents happen to people in the most unexpected time. No one is fully prepared for it, so when disaster knocks on someone’s door, it catches that person off guard. This is what happened to this father and son tandem, along with their dog. The plane they were flying crashed in the middle of a forest.

Jason Dougherty, along with his 22-year-old son, Caleb, were on their way aboard their single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza. Suddenly, the plane experienced an engine problem, which forced Jason to go on an emergency landing somewhere near the Kansas airport. Their original place of destination was to the Destin Airport.

Due to the engine problem, the three got trapped in the middle of a forest. Thankfully, the three were safe. As soon as rescuers heard of this development, members of the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office immediately went to the crash site. There they found the wounded Jason and Caleb. With them was a dog who also incurred minor injuries.

The police were alerted by Beth Cann, whose son saw the incident. According to Beth, her son, Griffin, was on his usual biking during that day when the incident happened. The distraught Griffin rushed to his mom and told her what he saw. Beth was quick on her senses as she called the police right away.

After calling the police, Beth and her son checked on the crash site. They saw Jason, Caleb, and the dog in pain. Good thing, the three are alive. In a later interview, Jason was thankful for what Beth did. He said if not for Beth, they do not know what will happen to them in the crash site. He is also thankful that his dog, Benny, was safe with them and is now recuperating from the injury he sustained during the crash.

Credits to Caleb Dough.


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