It’s not an unusual sight for dog owners to see their canine pals patiently waiting for them to come home. And, when they do come back, dogs scramble towards them to give them the warmest hugs and kisses.

However, a particular Shiba Inu puppy can’t seem to contain its excitement as soon as his fur parent walks through their door.

Wait? Is that Mom?

In the video, one can see Yuki the Shiba Inu sitting patiently on their wooden floor. Yuki looks straight at something until he hears a sound that ultimately caught his attention.

As soon as the puppy heard the tell-tale sound of a door opening, he immediately stood up and began trotting towards it. However, Yuki stops midway, waiting for the door to open.

As the sound grows louder, Yuki can’t hold on to his excitement any longer as he starts wagging his tail.

Yay! Mom’s finally home!

But, it looks like the exposure of the person’s identity took longer than expected. With the growing excitement Yuki’s feeling, he starts walking towards the side.

Finally, the door swings open. Yuki then starts frantically wagging his tail and even claws on the floor, begging for the person to hurry and scoop him up.

It turns out, the person who entered the room is his fur mom, which ultimately explains the reason behind Yuki’s excitement.

Mom, come on, let’s play!

Yuki’s delighted that his fur mom’s finally home. Though he suddenly feels a bit hesitant to approach Mom immediately, he can no longer hold his happiness in as Mom starts calling for him.

As soon as he reaches Mom, Yuki starts jumping up and down, smothering Mom with the sweetest puppy kisses. Yuki even playfully places his paws on Mom’s face, which ultimately earned him a kiss in return.

Feel free to watch Yuki’s loving interaction with Mom in live action in the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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