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Yuki is a wolf-dog that was abandoned at a shelter at the age of eight months. When he arrived and was taken in by the shelter, the helpful staff had to first determine whether he was a wolf-dog in order to provide him with the specialized treatment he required. The results of the tests revealed that he is one.

Yuki felt at ease in the shelter since he was surrounded by a large number of individuals who interacted with him. As Yuki grew older, the animal shelter’s rescuers discovered that he began to limit the number of individuals that were allowed into his enclosure.

The wolf-dog used to let 20 people into his enclosure, but people started to notice that he was kicking people out. He reduced the number of persons he would let in from 20 to barely ten. The number of people was then reduced to only five.

Yuki was discovered to be 87.5 percent gray wolf, as per his test results. Brittany, his handler, was one of the few people Yuki allowed inside his enclosure and she was his favorite human.

Brittany has gone through Wolf-dog handling training. The first thing she learned was to try to form relationships with wolf-dogs and feel at ease with them while on the other side of the fence.

Yuki showed people whether or not visitors were welcome in his enclosure. If Yuki likes someone, the rescuers know he’ll howl. When he didn’t like someone, he would growl or bark at them.

Brittany was wooed the first time she encountered Yuki. That’s when she realized they’d make a fantastic pair. Brittany is also able to roam around Yuki’s enclosure.

Yuki and Brittany have an extremely tight friendship. Yuki would happily sit on Brittany’s lap for the duration of her stay in the enclosure. Brittany is someone he enjoys having around.

Source: The Dodo


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