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Snuffy is a dog who lives in Herndon, Virginia. She has become quite obese and she is finding it hard to deal with her situation.

Snuffy has grown to thrice the normal weight that a beagle must have. But Snuffy has never lost hope. She is doing her best to make sure that she makes it back to normal weight.

To shed off the excess pounds, Snuffy had to exercise. Exercise has always been the best way to lose weight for humans and it works the same way for dogs. It is healthy and it is always a good thing to do.

Snuffy’s owners became concerned about their dog’s weight. She was already obese and they had to do something about it. They started to make plans on how Snuffy can shed off all those excess pounds.

From 65 lbs., Snuffy was able to reach 40 lbs. It took her four months to achieve this but it really took a lot of hard work on her end. She had guidance from her parents who were also motivated to help the dog be healthy.

Caroline Webster is Snuffy’s owner and she shared why her dog became huge. She said that the dog had a bad habit of eating every time she was hungry. She also had a love for eating ham and turkey.

Caroline also shared that to help Snuffy lose weight, she also had to limit the food that her dog was taking in. She also made sure that the dog was eating the right foods. She also thought of new tricks and techniques to help Snuffy become active. Once she moves, she gets exercise and that is a big help.

Good job, Snuffy and Caroline! May we all be inspired by Snuffy’s journey and may we start exercising and eating healthy.

Source: SWNS TV


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