Humans and dogs will probably be together literally forever. We’re too fond of each other to leave each other’s side. However, being human means sometimes we need to leave our doggos at home for school or work. It’s just an unavoidable situation that most dogs would have to go through.

Some young adults would need to leave their pups to go to college, some people would leave for eight hours or more just to do work, but some need to be away for a long time, for instance, military duty. It’s a selfless sacrifice that leaves many pups at home wondering when will they come home, or will they come home?

Luckily for Chuck, the boxer pup, his human dad went home. Remember, dogs hate it when their human parents leave them at home. We mean everything to our dogs and leaving them at home, alone breaks their little puppy hearts. Pining on the window wondering when they can see you again.

This happens even if the human parent only goes away for work. So imagine how a dog would feel after months or years when their human dad or mom goes out of the country for military duty. Chuck, showed how he really felt, excessively. To say that he was excited, would be the biggest understatement of all time.

The video starts off with Chuck sitting at the back of their car, probably thinking why his human mom brought him along. Then suddenly her mom says “daddy’s home.” Obviously, dogs don’t understand our speech, but the sound of the word “daddy” was probably ingrained into his memory as referring to his long lost human.

He turned his head to the right and saw his human dad approaching. Chuck exploded with energy and leaped out from the back of the car and ran towards his dad. He was so excited that he could not contain his energy and emotions jumping towards his dad and back again. See their reunion in the video below.

Video credit: Kdaisy84 via Youtube


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