If you think that collecting stamps is more of a thing of the past, then this year’s United States Postal Service (USPS) forever stamp collection will undoubtedly change your mind. A variety of brave and adorable hounds serving in the US military will be featured in the collection as a part of their 2019 forever stamp set.

The stamp booklet, which has 20 stamps separated into five four-stamp blocks, displays an impressive illustration of the most common working military dog breeds: the German shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Labrador retriever, and Dutch Shepherd. Each block is designed to picture each of the four breeds sitting on top of a white star atop either a blue or red background.

man, dog, german shepherd

According to USPS, the colors were chosen to represent patriotism and the colors of the American flag. The military dog collection is one part of the five-piece 2019 set. The set also features Little Mo, the transcontinental railroad, Star Ribbon, and Ellsworth Kelly abstract collections. The stamps were all art director Greg Breeding’s masterpieces while the digital illustrations were care of DKNG Studios.

Just like soldiers, military dogs are the first line of defense in any operation in the field. They risk their lives to detect bombs, drugs, and other illegal items. They also lead search and rescue activities that make the operation faster and more efficient.

It is no secret how essential dogs are in the military field. Their intelligence and heightened senses are quite valuable defenses in the armed forces. They have been serving and sacrificing their lives since the first World War and up until this day. That is why it is only right to give them a little honor for the undeniably great effort they exert to keep the nation safe.

Meet our brave four-legged heroes here.

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