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A video was captured of a horrifying moment when birds of prey lunged outside a woman’s balcony in Chile. A woman named Gabriela Leonardi was able to record it on video, which showed two birds of prey attempting to smash through her apartment window.

Gabriela is the proud mother of three French poodles, whom she refers to as the loves of her life. She said that she had never felt frightened or scared before seeing the two birds emerge in front of her.

The two condors landed on the penthouse balcony where Gabriela’s apartment was located. The woman speculated that the two birds may have noticed the three dogs inside and became interested in making them their prey. It’s a good thing Gabriela’s apartment has thick windows that will deter the two birds from breaking in.

Gabriela’s three dogs, on the other hand, did not shrink in terror. Rather, the three adorable French poodles snarled at the two birds. They surely were not afraid and may even be ready to protect themselves and their home!

The three dogs were completely unaware of what the two condors were capable of. However, Gabriela went on to say that after some time, she recognized the two birds were harmless. The two condors could possibly only wanted to play with the two dogs.

Gabriela was unsure though about what the birds wanted and decided not to take a chance. She tried to scare the two condors away because she was worried about her three dogs’ safety.

The two condors flew away calmly soon after. Because there were no humans outside, Gabriela reasoned that the two birds might be hungry. Humans normally feed these condors, but due to the community lockdown, humans were confined to their homes. As a result, the condors were unable to feed themselves.

Source: Caters Clips


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