Pri is an incredibly adorable toy Poodle that lives with her human mom, sister, grandma, and grandpa. She’s never alone at home and each of her family members thinks it’s for the best. They pour all of their undivided attention into her because they believe that’s what they need to do.

Everything went well at first. But six months after Pri arrived home, she started to act weird. One second she was nice and sweet, and the next, she wasn’t. She attacked and bit anyone that touched her. Additionally, she ate so little and never finished her meals.

Pri is always excited when any of her family members get home, particularly Grandpa. She wags her crazy little tail until they walk close to her and give her gentle pats on the head. But when they leave her for a few minutes and go back to her, they will be sure to suffer from her nasty bite.

Everyone, except Grandpa, gets fresh wounds and scratches from Pri. He is her favorite person, after all. When he sleeps on the couch, he lays next to him, and she guards him with all her might when someone tries to approach him.

No one has any idea why Pri acts the way she does, but it’s time she stops charging at her family members. They all need to live harmoniously and it will only happen once they get to understand each other.

With the help of an animal behavior expert, it was revealed that Pri attacked and bite because stressed because of her family. It’s not that she didn’t like them because she does. It’s just that there were too many of them present most of the time. With all the affection and attention she received, she never had time on her own.

Like humans, dogs need some quiet time, too, and that’s what Pri was missing all those times. But now that her family members knew what she needed, they learned to accommodate her needs without overwhelming her. And it sure brought out so much change in them.

Pri is now happier than ever. She eats on her own and she doesn’t bite anyone anymore. When she needs a break, she simply goes into her room. She takes all the time she needs until she’s ready for her family’s outpouring of love again.

Credits: Kritter Klub


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