Valentine was a pregnant homeless dog that ended up at a kill shelter. She didn’t have a very good life as a stray and she wasn’t too lucky either once she was pulled out of the streets. And the worse part was that even her unborn babies were put in danger as she made it to the euthanasia list.

With less than a day to live, Valentine surely had a reason to fear for her and her puppies’ life. Fortunately enough, Unleashed Pet Rescue learned about her just in time. Rescuers rushed to save her and they worked double-time to ensure she had a foster home waiting for her.

Brie, a seasoned dog foster, stepped up and took the dog home. With all her experiences in fostering rescue and shelter dogs, she knew exactly what the expecting momma needed. She gave Valentine all the time and space but she also worked on gradually gaining its trust.

For the first three weeks, Valentine did not even look at her foster mom. She felt petrified by everything that surrounded her and she assumed that humans would always beat her up. But with so much patience, she slowly learned how to trust again.

The first time Valentine walked out into the garden was a huge thing. She learned to conquer her fear of the outdoors and discovered that it was much more fun outside than the inside.

Valentine was a first-time mom and she had several false alarms before she actually went into labor. She started nesting and gave birth to six charming puppies overnight. Her foster mom was right beside her all throughout, but it didn’t seem like she needed any help at all. Her maternal just kicked in and she simply knew what to do.

Brie was happy that her foster dog transformed from a terrified pup to a magnificent and happy momma. She was even more delighted when, finally, all six puppies found their forever homes. And she knew she made the best decision ever when she signed Valentine’s adoption paper.

Valentine went through hell to get to where she was, and that’s what inspired Brie the most. Her resiliency and determination in life were good enough reasons for her new mom to start her own animal rescue center. And so, Valentine‚Äôs Second Chance Animal Rescue was born, and the rest was history.

Credits to Unleashed Pet Rescue and The Dodo


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