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If there is a difficult thing to deal with, it would be losing a loved one. Family members who are in this situation are in great pain and sometimes are at a loss for words. This is why this funeral professional in Austin, Texas named Melissa Unfred, discovered how to make things bearable for those who mourn.

The woman adopted a rescue puppy and trained this puppy to comfort mourning people. It was all gamble for Melissa at first, but her risk was worth it. After adopting the dog, Melissa named him Kermit.

According to Melissa, she decided to adopt Kermit because the dog has a calm demeanor. This kind of trait will be valuable for the dog to be a capable grief therapy dog, Melissa believes. However, Melissa said that she is not going to rush things.

The funeral professional assured that Kermit would undergo rigorous training to be a grief therapy pooch. The dog has already completed his canine good citizenship certification. This means that Texas’s local government found that the pooch is harmless.

Melissa shared that she got the idea of a grief therapy dog from a friend. Melissa’s friend was reeling from a loss of a family member, and the one that helped her accept the death was a pooch. The difference, though, was that the dog of Melissa’s pooch was not trained.

Even then, Melissa is leaning towards the idea that all dogs can become grief therapy dogs. What these dogs need is proper training to be able to know how to help people who are grieving. Additionally, the dogs need the appropriate motivation to be a grief therapy dog.

According to Melissa, if Kermit’s training yields positive results, she will adopt more therapy dogs to function like Kermit. It will be a gamble, but Melissa is willing to take a shot.

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