When animals are a big part of your life and they are taken away from you, it is never an easy experience. Bella is a happy-go-lucky college student who has grown up surrounded by animals. But when she went to college, she realized how difficult it was to be totally alone.

Bella had a cat back at home, and she was diagnosed with cancer. They had to put her down in their living room. It was a devastating moment for Bella who has loved the cat deeply.

Bella would sleep for hours on end and has lost a lot of weight because of what happened. The death of her cat resulted in her depression. She knew she needed to do something else to keep herself busy, so she volunteered in a shelter.

She went to the back of the shelter where they keep the new ones and that’s where she found Baloo. The minute Bella saw Baloo, she thought he was the most beautiful dog she has ever seen. She went back to the shelter thinking that Baloo must have been adopted already.

Much to her surprise, he wasn’t, and that’s when she knew he was for her. So she adopted Baloo and he was the happiest dog ever! Baloo was smiling from ear to ear on the car ride home.

That first week that Baloo was with Bella, Bella had an anxiety attack and somehow, Baloo knew what to do. He licked her face nonstop until she was breathing normally again.

That was a big help for Bella. Baloo also helped Bella out of her depression, and she is in a much better state now. She healthy and happy with Baloo.

She knows that she will be okay as long as Baloo is with her. Bella also wants to raise awareness of how animals can help anyone with mental health issues.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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