Most people today choose to adopt rescue dogs from animal shelters instead of buying from dog breeders. However, there are still so many dogs that don’t get adopted and it’s usually the old and disabled dogs that get left behind. People prefer adopting younger and healthier dogs since they are more active and their life expectancy is a lot higher.

We fail to realize is that old dogs and dogs with special needs tend to have the biggest hearts. They love unconditionally and they will be very grateful to the family who adopts them.

A rescue dog named Bebe is a two-year-old German Shepherd and Husky mix who lived her entire life in an animal shelter. When Bebe came to The Animal Pad in San Diego, she already had both of her back legs missing.

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However, even without her two back legs, Bebe moves around just fine with the help of her wheels. She’s also a very sweet dog who always gives love to any human she meets. Despite her loving and friendly personality, Bebe still couldn’t find the right person to adopt her.

Bebe was only three months old when she was dropped off at a vet’s office and was abandoned by her owner. After the vets examined Bebe, they found that she was kept in a crate that was too small for her. This caused the muscles on her back legs to waste away to an extent that they could never be saved.

The vet needed to amputate both of Bebe’s back legs. After her surgery, Bebe lived in a high-kill animal shelter in Mexico where there was a big chance that she was going to be euthanized. Thankfully, The Animal Pad learned about Bebe and pulled her from the shelter, and got her transferred into their care.

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Bebe doesn’t let her disability prevent her from enjoying life. She may have limitations with her mobility but whenever she’s on her wheels, she moves so well that people tend to forget she’s missing both her back legs. Bebe loves running and whenever her wheels are on, she plays almost nonstop.

Bebe is currently looking for a forever home and she would do very well with a family who has experience in taking care of dogs with special needs. She’s very active and is always keen to learn new things. Here’s a video featuring Bebe and why she might be the perfect dog to add to your family.

Source: Walkin’ Pets via YouTube


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