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Dogs are certainly faithful, protective, and devoted to us, humans. However, they have their downside, too, and that is being stubborn at times. Stubborn dogs can be a burden for their owners, but this often is the result of getting insufficient training.

Dogs that are properly taught and trained are obedient, but training them needs time, work, and a great deal of patience. However, it is all worth it since a trained dog is a happy dog.

Occasionally, however, a dog’s stubbornness can be amusing, like in this video where a dog refuses to wake up despite its owners continually shaking and poking it. They repeatedly call out the dog’s name, but the dog will not awaken until it hears its favorite phrase.

The video which is less than a minute in length begins with the puppy resting on its back on the bed. Next to him is his father, who is gently prodding the dog while saying its name. The dog’s face is buried beneath his father’s arm, and he is reluctant to respond. His mother responds by yelling the dog’s name and shaking his foot.

The dog still continues to sleep. Its humans repeat what they have been doing numerous times, and even resorting to wriggling his front paw back and forth to no avail.

The dog’s mother couldn’t help but laugh. She most likely knows that the puppy was only pretending to be deeply asleep and is just being difficult.

Then, an idea pops up in the fur dad’s mind. He thought about the dog’s favorite word and exclaims, “Treat!” The second time he said it, the dog immediately awoke, lifted his head, and looked at his father. He then rested his head on his father’s torso and searched the area for the treat. The mother cannot help but laugh at the dog’s rapid awakening upon hearing the word but the dog probably was disappointed that there was none.

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