Dogs are precious. They would capture a human’s heart in a matter of seconds. They could make you feel loved. They make you feel better and change your perspective in life. This was the same when travelers had found him. He was Spud.

Spud was sitting across them in a nearby cafe. They saw him when they noticed a funny looking dog on the side of the street. Instead of ignoring, they decided to help him. They fed him lots and lots of food. Spud has a collar with his name on it – this is how people started calling him Spud.

He followed them everywhere, even reaching to a boat – even at the side of the car. He just hated it whenever they had to leave. He will cry out their names to come back. But it was worth it as they spend their free time for him. He’s still thankful for that.

When people need to go back to their homes, it was extremely painful for them to leave Spud behind. The problem was they couldn’t take him with them. So they were desperately finding someone to take him into his new home. Unfortunately, nobody wanted him at this point. They are starting to lose hope.

“We will find you a home.”

“I want him to be loved.”

So, the female traveler started posting videos on Facebook to raise awareness to some responders who may be interested in taking the dog in. Finally, someone responded. A friend from England wanted to foster him. It was a 14-hour drive across Greece and four ferries to take to arrive in England.

He finally met her foster mother and quickly began to love his forever mom. Now Spud lives a new life of adventure with his new family.

Watch this inspiring video about Spud and his forever family:

Source: The Dodo via YouTube


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