Stray dogs are susceptible to disease. These dogs have no one caring for them, and an illness that can easily be cured can worsen, which can cost them their lives. Thankfully, there are animal rescue organizations that help take stray dogs off the streets and find caring families to adopt them.

A bulldog named Lilou is one such dog who was found as a stray. When rescuers found Lilou, she almost had no fur on her body. Lilou’s skin was inflamed that you could feel the heat radiating off her swollen skin. Lilou wasn’t in a good place. If she weren’t found and rescued, she would likely have died in the next few days.

Lilou’s rescuers suspected that Lilou was dumped by breeders when she started to have problems with her skin. To avoid spending money on Lilou’s treatment, the breeders decided to abandon her in the streets. The skin condition eventually progressed until most of her fur disappeared.

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The rescuers gave Lilou medicated baths and soak her skin with Lavander oil to further sooth the skin. The rescuers gave Lilou with all the medical treatments she needed, which helped with the skin inflammation and her overall health. However, Lilou still didn’t grow new fur.

Lilou was eventually turned over to a foster home. Her foster parents took pictures of her and posted it on the internet. A woman saw Lilou’s photo, and she felt sorry for the dog. The first time she saw Lilou, all she wanted was to hug her and tell her that it’s all going to be okay.

The couple who saw Lilou didn’t want to adopt her. They already have two dogs, but they still wanted to meet her. When the couple first met Lilou, they fell in love with her at first sight. They even went against their own rules for having a maximum of two dogs and decided to make Lilou a part of their family.

It didn’t take long for the couple to realize that they made the right decision. Lilou turned out to be a very happy dog who loves the outdoors. Lilou even started growing her fur back. At first, Lilou’s new parents didn’t know what activities Lilou likes to do. However, when they took her out for a short hike, they knew that Lilou is an outdoor dog who loves exploring.

Lilou loves the outdoors, and she would follow her two doggie siblings. Eventually, she gained enough confidence that Lilou started leading the pack. She would even do zoomies all over the tall grass during their hikes, and she never gets tired of it.

Lilou makes everyone in her new family laugh. Despite everything she’s been through, Lilou is living in the moment as a happy dog. Thanks to her new family, Lilou was able to express who she is and finally finds happiness. Here’s an adorable video about Lilou’s road to recovery.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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