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Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas are both popular actors in Hollywood and they are a couple. What most people really do not know though is that they are also loving parents of two dogs. The couple owns Alaskan Klee Kais but one of them, Waldo Picasso, sadly passed away.

Porky Basquiat was the first dog that the couple got. Joe got him to surprise Sophie. Then when they thought that another dog would be great for Porky, they then adopted Waldo in April 2018.

The two dogs lived a life that many of us haven’t. Joe said that their dogs have been traveling with them and may even have travelled a lot compared to other people. The dogs have gone to France, Amsterdam, Canada, England, and many places in the US.

When the couple went to the Maldives for their honeymoon, they didn’t think that in a few days, an incident would happen. Waldo had gone out on a walk with his dog walker in the Lower East Side in Manhattan. He got scared of a pedestrian, broke from his leash, ran right into traffic and was hit by a car.

It happened on a Wednesday but the couple was only able to report it to the NY Police on Friday because they were so upset about the whole thing. They also sought help from a therapist because of such great loss.

After a week, the couple took to social media and shared a picture of Waldo as their way of giving tribute to their beloved pet. They had a tattoo of the dog on their arms and it was so touching. The couple posted this on their individual Instagram accounts. They surely both miss Waldo that much!

The couple still has Porky with them and they make sure that they spend as much time as they can with the dog.

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