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Etobicoke Park in Toronto, Canada, had always been a busy place. However, that day was quite unusual for two joggers when they discovered something on the less busy area of the park. They were on a trail when they found a suitcase. Out of curiosity, they tried to get closer, when something moved inside the suitcase.

There was a faint sound coming from the suitcase. At first, they thought it was a wild animal. When they unzipped the suitcase, they found out that it was a dog. It dawned on them that the dog’s owner abandoned him.

Without hesitation, they called Toronto Animal Services to rescue the dog. The footprints revealed that the dog in the suitcase was intentionally tossed in the snowy park to die. It was clear that the dog’s owner was abusive, but the rescue organization couldn’t trace the person who did it.

Luckily, the abused dog was in good hands. The animal services named the dog, which is a Jack Russell Terrier mix, Casey. The services also suspected that Casey might have just given birth. However, they couldn’t confirm it as she didn’t wear any collar or microchip.

Casey’s story had been posted on Black Dog Rescue’s Facebook page. The animal services made sure she would be perfectly healthy. After what Casey had gone through, she wasn’t showing any signs of abuse or neglect. She seemed to be a happy and friendly dog.

If two joggers hadn’t found Casey right away, the cold weather would have frozen her to death. Casey needed to stay at Toronto Animal Services for at least five business days. She will be put for adoption once the animal services ensure that she’s ready. With the support and love she receives, there’s no doubt that she’ll find a forever home.

Posted by Black Dog Rescue on Sunday, January 5, 2020

Image Source: Black Dog Rescue via Facebook


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