Halloween, that most-awaited time of the year when the leaves get colorful and crunchy, the air gets cool, and all parents go overboard buying their kids some adorable costumes. But did you know that it is not just the parents who love seeing their children in spooky costumes? Dog owners do the same with their furry loved ones.

One of the things dog owners can look forward to every Halloween is to dress their pups up in costumes. What makes this tradition more adorable is that they make them pose for social media. And with the pandemic still going on around, our dogs getting dressed up will probably be the only Halloween cheer we can look forward to during this holiday.

To add to the cuteness of the season are a group of charming rescue dogs who are showing everyone just how cute rescue dogs can be. The group of fur pups is known as “The Rescue Boys.” These dogs have actually been getting a lot of attention for their adorable Halloween suits.

The dogs are namely Bruce, Ziggy, Joey, and Dale, who all live in California with Anna Schwab and her husband. Anna proudly uploaded a video of her rescue dogs showcasing their Halloween costumes. In her video, she wrote a funny caption stating that when you find a house that gives out the best candies, you tend to go back there but with a different costume. And that’s exactly what the cute pups did in the video.

The video featured different clips of all four dogs dressed up on the front door’s step. However, each time they opened the door, the dogs were in a completely different costume. The themes and style of their costumes varied from The Lion King to the smallest details of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They even showed off their Wizard of Oz suits and many more.

Given how adorable the video was, it’s no surprise to us that it has gone viral. There were also tons of comments from viewers who enjoyed watching them.

Watch them in action through the video below.


Source: therescuedboys via Instagram


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