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Michael Crocker was on a drive home. He was traveling to California for a short break from university which was in Alabama.

While driving, he started to feel sleepy. He may have wanted to reach home as soon as possible that he continued driving instead of taking a quick nap on the side of the road. That was his mistake.

He fell asleep while he was driving and his car went off course. He hit a traffic sign and then rolled over a number of times before it finally stopped. Michael survived the whole thing but he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, the first thing he did was to check for his passenger if she was okay. See, he had his 4-month-old dog Bella with him.

The yellow Labrador got scared during the accident so she ran away. This is a normal reaction for puppies and dogs.

Luckily for Michael, one of his college friends was right behind him so he got assistance instantly. Although he lost his thumb and had serious burns, he was alive. But he still wasn’t completely fine until he found Bella.

Michael created fliers to help find Bella. His family and friends helped him get those fliers out. He also contacted volunteers are rescue groups and shelters to let him know in case they see Bella.

It had been weeks since the accident and Michael was slowly losing hope that he’d still see Bella again. It was a good thing though that a rescue group just wasn’t giving up.

One day, the rescue group saw Bella in the desert. She was already starving and very weak. She also was only 9 lbs. when they found her.

She was stuck there because her leash was caught in a bush. It was in the middle of the desert so nobody had really seen her.

Now, Bella and Michael are back together and are recovering together as well.

Source: Inside Edition


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